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    Rules of Six Sided Ring


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    Rules of Six Sided Ring

    Post by Admin on Fri Aug 12, 2016 12:58 pm

    First things first Register:

    Please make sure you read these rules. Violations could result in warning points. If you see a potential violation, please report it so moderators are aware of it.

    1. Personal Insults, Bullying and Harassment
    Six Sided Ring is a safe community and all of our members have the right to feel safe. We do not permit hurtful comments toward other members.

    2. Vile Comments, Racism, Homophobia & Bigotry
    Six Sided Ring is an equal opportunity forum. We do not allow racism, homophobia or bigoted terms on our forums.

    3. Pornography and 'vile' imagery
    Pornography is obviously not permitted. Vile "4chan"-esque imagery (violent gore) is also prohibited.

    4. Casual/indirect racism & personal attacks.
    Just don't do it.

    5. Duplicate accounts
    We do not allow second accounts.


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